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View of Seggiano
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 (The Seggiano sight)


Seggiano is situated at the centre of the valley formed by the Vivo river, a very important area for the production of wine and oil.
The most interesting building of the town are the religious ones: first of all the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Carità (sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity), built between the sixteenth and the seventeenth century. Less recent is the parish church dedicated to San Bartolomeo, which therefore had many restorations.Not very far from the town rises the church of San Rocco (1400) built as a votive offer for the avoided danger of the plague. Around the territory of Seggiano it is possible to visit the Castle of the Potentino (11th century), built to control the so called Valley of the Olives, and the Convent of the Colombaio. 

To visit in Seggiano:

  • The garden of Daniel Spoerri (Modern art ) 
  • The castle of Potentino,
  • The fantastic view from the old town