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 (The Radicofani sight)

is characterised by the presence of the Rocca which dominates Paglia Valley . The Rocca was built during the first years of the Middle Ages and then amplified during the years: it was of military relevance since the 18th century when eventually was destroyed by an arson, and the restorations have started only during this century.
The Rocca is rich of historical and literary memories concentrated on the figure of the legendary master Ghino di Tacco whose life was described by Dante and Boccaccio

The village of Radicofani maintains the original structure and keeps nearly intact its architectural characteristics of the thirteenth century. In the Romanic Deanship of San Pietro you can find a precious collection of glazed earthware and some beautiful wooden statues. Always in the old village it is possible to admire the Magisterial Palace and the church of Sant'Agata .
Outside the built up area rises the Palazzo della Posta (The Post), ancient shooting lodge of Ferdinando I, built in the sixteenth century. Near the town it is very interesting to take a visit to Contignano, small village of Romanic origins perfectly conserved in its medieval features.

To visit in Radicofani :  


  • San Pietro Church (XIII° sec.)
  • Sant'Agata church
  • Villa medicea
  • The Isabella wood
  • The old town