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The mines museum of Monte Amiata
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The mines museum of Monte Amiata

(The mine of Abbadia San Salvatore)


Cenni Storici/Contenuti:

The mine of Abbadia San Salvatore has throughed in the arch of the century different changements: the phase of pioneer from the prospecting of the Mercury on the Mountain Amiata and the plant of the metallurgical industry with foreign capital and technology, the change from private to public ownership, the class struggle from the steelworker still the shut down from the mine in the '70.

In the middle of the '80 begins to take shape the idea of the mineral museum. The mineral park museum can give a immagination of the plant and the equipment of a factory that represent the patrimony archaeology industrial very important.

The museum is inside the ancient clock tower, that one time englobed the old oven Spirek.

With help of illustrative panel can be narrate the story of the mine and the community of Abbadia San Salvatore from the ancient to the modern times; the thematic in particular included:


La Geologia (Sala 1)

L'Amiata e il mercurio (sala 2)

Storia di una miniera (sala 3)

Il lavoro in galleria e nell'impianto metallurgico(sala 4)

La salute (Sala 5)

ll progetto (sala 6)



It can be visit the artisan center, where we can see: the weighing machine, the canteen, the analysis laboratory, the edifice

from the extractors, the deposit for the bottles of Mercury, the stable, the direction office and the direction palace.

Of partocolary interest is the visit of the gallery Liv. VII accompany from a old steelworker.