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The Hause museum of Monticello Amiata
Monticello Amiata
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The Monticello Amiata House

The CASA MUSEO ("house-museum"), is a little ethnographic museum located in an old oil mill. The house museum keep alive traditions and memories of a rural and country life that run the risk of falling into oblivion.This 19th century-house is decorated with original furniture, agricultural tools and local handcrafted objects.


From the middle age the Amiata villages' history is closely linked at the Cistercian Abbey of Abbadia San Salvatore, founded in 750, which was one of the wealthiest in Tuscany especially due to the passage there of the Francigena way.




Admission free.

Tues., thur. and sat. 16.30-19.00, sun. 10-12.

(from June to September); other months on request.


Casa Museo di Monticello Amiata
Via Grande - Monticello Amiata -Cinigiano (GR).

Phone: +39(564)993.407 - +39(564)992.777 Pro Loco 




(The bedroom)

(Living room)