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Cycling on Monte Amiata
Direction Campigila D'Orcia
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The Amiata Ring

(In the paths of the ring)


The ring road reveals the best characteristics of Mount Amiata.

Averaging an altitude of 110 - 1200 metres asl, the route does the entire circuitof the mountain and can be used throughout the entire year.

Trekking and mountain bike enthusiasts alike will find spectacular scenery as theytravel through the beech and chestnut woods that flank the route, with panoramic views over the valley below.

The road varies from a simple one track path with occasional rocky sections to an old muletrack through the  woods. It is not unusual to find specimens of the local fauna such as roe deer, fallow deer, wild boar, buzzards, squirrels and hawks! A real immersion in nature! If the visitor so wishes, he or she can choose to go down to visit some of the villages in the valley and then come back once again to the main ring road route. The route is not overly demanding and is suitable for anyone who has had a minimum of preparation. The trip takes between three and six hours and there are several areas with tables and barbecues for stops along the way.