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Cycling on Monte Amiata
Visiting the abbay o SAn SAlvatore
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Bagno Vignoni tour

(Bagno Vignoni tour)


Amiata is a volcano that has been dormant for thousands of years but still reminds us of its "red-hot" past in many ways. Passing through many of the villages in the area our sense of smell is assaulted by that particular "bad egg" smell that indicates the presence of the hot and healthy thermal springs.

The closest to the Lodge are the San Filippo thermal springs which, passing over the rocks for centuries, have created a wonderful white limestone waterfall. The ancient baths of Bagno Vignoni are not far away and on the other side of the mountain towards Maremma we find the Saturnia Baths. The Petriolo Baths are in the way to Siena.