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Cycling on Monte Amiata
Cycling in Montecucco wine area
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Cycling on Monte Amiata
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Cycling on Monte Amiata

Hi, w e have finally returned from our vacation and back to work. We saw a lot of antiquities, paintings, statues, monuments, and churches in Rome , Florence , Pisa , Verona , Venice , and Greece . We ate many different cuisines, sampled many different wines, and now we have to get trim again so our clothing will fit properly. We both agree that our favourite part of the entire vacation was our stay in South Tuscany . We would like to thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful visit. Everyone was so friendly, and we felt so welcome. We enjoyed our stay at the hotel, the fabulous meals, the regional wines, the bicycle riding, and the cappuccinos in the morning for breakfast. We enjoyed the little stories about Italian life and culture that you shared with us. Now we have such fond memories (i.e., and great pictures). We would love to come back again (i.e., soon).


Wayne Aikins and Shirley Macey ( Canada )


For cycling enthusiast Monte Amiata offers an exceptional area, a real cornucopia of enjoyment either for those looking for difficult itineraries or for those who enjoy a quiet ride in the green countryside, cycling under the canopy of beech trees or along the sun baked valleys; the Strada del Vino and the Strada dell'Olio run through fortified medieval villages defended by ancient castles.

For mountain bikers the paths, parks and nature reserves throught the great beech woods are more suitable.

For conventional cyclists there are splendid rides through areas of natural and historic interest: for example along the Strada della Castagna, the Strada del Vino di Montecucco, or a tour of the villages on the mountain or in the Val d'Orcia.

Food enthusiasts will find opportunities to savour traditional cooking and the famous Tuscan wines.

Guides from the Santa Fiora/Le Macinaie Bicycling club offer assistance during your excursion for groups and individuals. 

We also propose a weekly stay or week ends stay, during which cycling can be combined with cultural, culinary and health activities.

On return from your trip, there is a garage and workshop for your bike.