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Monte Amiata tradition and festivals
View of Monte Amiata from the Fauna Park
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Traditions and festivals


June-december events

(Castel del Piano, the 8th september Palio)




BIKE LAND- 3° Competition of mountain bike. Organized by Mountain Bike team  S. Fiora Phone +39 (564) 97819

The 13th of June - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

S. ANTONIO FEAST- Traditional fair dated back to  XVII century.

S.I.T. Phone +39 (564) 916025

The second Sunday of June - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

OUR LADY AND FLOWERS - During S. Antonio feast, with a flowers market. Pro Loco Arcidosso Phone +39 (564) 966083



SALITREDICI - National race from Abbadia San Salvatore to Amiata summit.   The town council Phone +39 (577) 770312

 The 13th, the 14th, the 15th of july - ABBADIA SAN SALVATORE 

MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL OFFERTA DEI CENSI - It is the commemoration of "censi" offered from inhabitants to the Abbot.  (XI century). 

Pro loco Phone +39 (577) 778324.

July - Rocca d'Orcia -CASTIGLIONE D'ORCIA(SI)

ROCCA (FORTRESS) 2001 - Musical and painting exhibition. 

The town council Phone +39 (577) 88401

July/August - ARCIDOSSO (GR)


S.I.T. Phone +39 (564) 916025

Last Sunday of July - SANTA FIORA (GR)

PALIO DELLE SANTE - During the feast of S. Lucilla and S. Flora .It is a horse race which is typically conducted bare-backed and in medieval costume .

Santa Fiora phone +39 (564) 979025



AMIATA ESTATE (SUMMER) - Drama performances and concerts. The town council Phone +39 (577) 770312


Festival della Val D'orcia - Drama performances and concerts. Organized by  P.A.N.C.V.O. Phone +39 (577) 898303

First Sunday of August - CASTELL'AZZARA (GR)

SAGRA DEL TORTELLO - Experience traditional dishes

Pro Loco Phone +39 (564) 951651

First Sunday of August - CASTIGLION D'ORCIA (SI)

SAGRA DEL CROSTINO - Experience traditional dishes. 

Pro Loco Phone +39 (577) 872722

14 August - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

ASSUNTA FEAST ON MOUNT LABRO - Feast for remembering Davide Lazzaretti believes and life. S.I.T. Phone +39 (564) 916025

The 14th of August - Saragiolo - PIANCASTAGNAIO (SI)

FLORAL CARPET - The 14th of August, from the morning to the evening, a lot of people work to create a carpet with flower and many colors, representing religious scenes. 

Phone +39 (577) 788520.

The 15th of August - Montelaterone - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

PALIO DELLE CONTRADE - In the afternoon there is the horse race which is typically conducted bare-backed and in medieval costume .

The town council +39 (564) 966438

15 August - Selvena - CASTELL'AZZARA (GR)


Pro Loco Selvena Phone +39 (564) 960636

August bank holiday - ROCCALBEGNA (GR)

FESTIVAL OF BISCOTTO SALATO & MELATELLO- Experience traditional dishes

The town council Phone +39 (564) 989032

August bank holiday - Bagnore - SANTA FIORA (GR)

ACQUACOTTA FESTIVAL-Experience traditional dishes. 

Pro Loco Phone +39 (564) 977142

Sunday after August bank holiday - Contignano- RADICOFANI (SI)

RAVIOLO FESTIVAL - Experience traditional dishes. 

Pro Loco Contignano

Sunday after August bank holiday - SEMPRONIANO (GR)

PANZANELLA FESTIVAL-Experience traditional dishes

Pro Loco Phone +39 (564) 987164

The 17th & the 18th of August - PIANCASTAGNAIO (SI)

PALIO DELLE CONTRADE - The 17th evening there is a nice historical parade, the 18th afternoon there is the horse race (palio). 

The town council Phone +39 (577) 786024

The second Sunday of August - RADICOFANI (SI)

MASSAIA FESTIVAL- Experience traditional country cooking of the beginning of the XX century. Pro Loco Phone +39 (578) 55684

The third week of August - CASTELDELPIANO (GR)

MARKET/EXHIBITION - Exhibition of craft, local products, furniture...

Comunità Montana Amiata Phone +39 (564) 967064

The end of August - ABBADIA SAN SALVATORE (SI)

PARTY OF SUMMER' S END - Exhibition of pictures, ancient trades, sculpture and craft by local artists. Drama and musical performances. 

Pro Loco Phone +39 (577) 778324

The last week end of August - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

OUR LADY FEAST - Classical concert, running race.

S.I.T. Phone +39 (564) 916025

The end of August - SEGGIANO (GR)

PICIO FESTIVAL - Experience traditional dishes

The town council Phone +39 (564) 950925


September - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

ALDOBRANDESCO CASTLE- National and international conferences about scientific subjects. S.I.T. Phone +39 (564) 916025

September/ October - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

DEGLI UNANIMI THEATRE-   Performances of amateur theatre. 

S.I.T. Phone +39 (564) 916025

The 5th of September - RADICOFANI (SI)

ONION FESTIVAL -  Pro Loco Phone +39 (578) 55684

The 8th of September - CASTELDELPIANO (GR)

PALIO DELLE CONTRADE - The competition is dated back to 1400, like as the medieval parade. Pro Loco Phone +39 (564) 973534

The 19th of September - ABBADIA SAN SALVATORE (SI)

SAN MARCO PAPA - Feast of the Patron Saint, with a nice fair and fire-works. The town council +39 (577) 770312.

The third Sunday of September - Bagnolo- SANTA FIORA (GR)

MUSHROOM FESTIVAL - tasting traditional dishes, taking part to mycologic meeting

The town council Phone +39 (564) 979611.  

The last Sunday of September - Montegiovi - CASTELDELPIANO

BRUSCHETTA FESTIVAL - Experience traditional dishes. 

The town council +39 (564) 973511


The 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October - CINIGIANO (GR)

GRAPE FESTIVAL -   Pro Loco Phone +39 (564) 993407

The second Sunday of October - ABBADIA SAN SALVATORE (SI)

AUTUMN FESTIVAL - Exhibition of local artists into the historical center and stand with traditional dishes. Pro Loco Phone +39 (577) 778324

The second and the third Sunday of October - Vivo d'Orcia -CASTIGLIONE D'ORCIA

MUSHROOM & CHESTNUT FESTIVAL - mycological conference, tasting traditional dishes made with mushrooms and chestnuts, excursions.Phone +39 (577) 88401

The third and the fourth Sunday of October - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

LA CASTAGNA IN FESTA - Tasting traditional dishes, photographic exhibition, musical entertainment.

Pro Loco Phone +39 (564) 966083

The 17th of October - Cana - ROCCALBEGNA (GR)

Festa della Biondina - Tasting traditional dishes made with the chestnuts. The town council Phone +39 (564) 989032

The last Sunday of October- Campiglia d'Orcia -CASTIGLIONE D'ORCIA

SAGRA DEL MARRONE - Commemoration of the past with traditional dishes based on chestnuts. Pro Loco Phone +39 (577) 872722

The first of November - CASTELDELPIANO (GR)

CHESTNUT FESTIVAL- Tasting traditional dishes

Information Phone +39 (564) 973511

End of October and the first of November - PIANCASTAGNAIO (SI)

CRASTATONE - Chestnut festival that is dated back to 30 years ago.

The town council +39 (577) 786024.


The 24th of November - Santa Caterina - ROCCALBEGNA (GR)

FESTA DELLA FOCARAZZA - Stollo Palio (horse race) .A tree log fired is disputed among the inhabitants.

The town council Phone +39 (564) 989032

The last Sunday of November - CASTIGLION D'ORCIA (SI)

OLIVE OIL FESTIVAL - Entertainment, conferences, gastronomic stand

The town council Phone +39 (577) 88401



CHRISTMAS NIGHT TORCHES- An ancient and suggestive tradition, with about 40 torches lighted for the historical center, tasting local wine and dishes in the cellars.  Pro Loco Phone +39 (577) 778324.

Christmas holiday - ARCIDOSSO (GR)

CHRISTMAS ALL TOGETHER-.Concerts, entertainment and torches in the town squares.

Christmas holiday - PIANCASTAGNAIO (SI)

PIANESI CRIBS - In all the churches of Piancastagnaio there are lovely cribs.

The town council +39 (577) 786024


SARAGIOLO CRIBS - from the Christmas Eve to the 8th of January in the church of  Santa Maria delle Grazie (Saragiolo) is organized a cribs exhibition since 5 years. The town council Phone +39 (577) 786024

Christmas holiday - SEGGIANO (GR)

THE OLIVE OIL FESTIVAL - Tasting traditional dishes, conferences about the olive oil.

The town council Phone +39 (564) 950925

End of December - CASTIGLION D'ORCIA (SI)


The town council Phone +39 (577) 88401

The 30th of December - SANTA FIORA (GR)

FIACCOLATA - Torches festival into the town square.

The town council Phone +39 (564) 979611.