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Horseback on Monte Amiata
The Chestnut forest
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Ambassador Equestrian Centre
Ivan and Giulia
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Ambassador Equestrian Centre

(Giulia with a child)



By Ambassador Equestrian Centre expert people think to amuse you and to make a careful work of approach between horse and kids (age between 5/13 years old) or beginner adults. Exercises, care, respect are the right ingredients to arrive to this objective: to get in touch with the animal, among practice experiences as to harness, to clean and to groom the horse.By Ambassador Centre you can choose to practice English or American seat, on basis your necessities. A time you growled “little experts” you can do a funny ride with your little-big animal. Tradition, culture and nature weave continuous dialogue between man and environment.Amiata is an exposed museum penetrable in the man size places. Ambassador Equestrian Centre offers and organizes riding courses, ride and trekking to have fun together.It’s an alternative sport, common and feasible for all people. We want to revalue it as one complete and functional sport.Over this important appearance, it’s useful underline another objective: to make know by our friendly horse. Our territory bathes in green of nature at the Monte Amiata foot. Starting from our horse centre it is possible penetrate in a virgin nature across paths that are able to fun beginners and experts, to be looking for a most uncommon and incomparable experience. A varied landscape: austere beech woods and pleasant chestnut woods, until an Underwood exploding of colours and perfumes that match the seasons’ succession.

Our routes comprise: excursions of 2 or more hours until maximum of 1 or more days.