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Meeting and incentive on Monte Amiata
The Beech forest
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Day trips

Day trips

A day on Monte Amiata is really rewarding. The possibilities are endless. Here is a typical programme.

Arrival on Monte Amiata in the morning, and then a trip chosen from one of the following:


For nature lovers:

  • A visit to the top of the mountain
  • A visit to the WildlifePark
  • A visit to the Piglietto nature reserve

For culture lovers:

  • A visit to the Museum of Mines in San Salvatore and the Abbey and old town of San Salvatore
  • A visit to the old part of Santa Fiora, the Fishpond and botanical garden and the Museum of Mines.
  • A visit to the Tibetan Centre at Merigar
  • A visit to one medieval town and its churches and castle, e.g. Santa Fiora, the della Robbia terracotta and the Fishpond or Arcidosso and the Aldobrandeschi castle, or Piancastagnaio and its old medieval centre or Seggiano and Daniel Spoerri's sculputure garden.

For Epicureans:

  • Picking chestnuts
  • A visit to one of the festivals held on Monte Amiata
  • A visit to a small business producing local specialities (cheese, mushrooms, biscuits)
  • A visit to an oil press

For Sporting Enthusiasts:

  • A trek along the Chestnut Way
  • An excursion by mountain bike

For The Idle:

  • A day in the meadow at le Macinaie

All the above are followed by:

  • Lunch in a restaurant typical of the area
  • A good walk in the afternoon
  • Return to the hotel for dancing, chestnuts and new wine