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Convento Santissima Trinità (Castell'Azzara)




Thanks to Aldobrandeschi, in 1114, in the southern area, on Monte Calvo (Selva), the SS. Trinità women's convent was built, By the end of the XV° century the convent was restored by Guido Sforza and entrusted to the Franciscan order. The church holds an altar painting by Girolamo di Benvenuto (1470 - 1524) which depicts the Accession of the Virgin Mary with S. Thomas, s. Girolamo and S. Francis of Assisi and a Crucifix in Robbia style attributed to Benedetto Buglioni with the Eternal Father who holds his son surrounded by a mandorla of Cherubs. The Convent is set  in a forest of white fir which has an incredible environmental value and is considered  a biotope, now provincial natural reserve.

Inside the church there is still a skull of a crocodile; it seems, which recalls an ancient legend which tells how Guido Sforza killed a "cifero snake".