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Abbazia del Santissimo Salvatore (Abbadia San Salvatore)


(Abbazia del Santissimo Salvatore)


In the centre of Abbadia San Salvatore is the abbey founded in 743 by the Longobard King Rachis and rebuilt in a Romanesque style in 1036. The sacristy was added at the end of the 13th century, and the abbey has been modified on various occasions over the centuries, the last restoration being in 1968-71. There are various works of art inside, including a fresco by Francesco Nasini, the Martirio di San Bartolomeo. Beneath there is a crypt pre-dating the construction of the church, with as many as thirty-six columns, each one with a different capital. Little remains, however, of the ancient monastery to the left of the church.



(the Crucifix )


(a detail of the Crucifix)


(The crypt)


(A detail of the Crypt)